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You’re a cocktail drinker. You enjoy quality, complexity, and (no shame) a little indulgence. You prefer fun over function. You want it fancy, but not fussy. You like your drinks to entertain you. At California Cocktail Club, there are two stories to every drink we make: the quality ingredients and unique flavor profiles of the drink itself, and the (sometimes) surprising, (always) engaging story behind the drink.

At California Cocktail Club, we’re storytellers, and we’re at your service.

Laura and John met at a dive bar in Los Angeles in 2015. Five years, many adventures, drinks, and one quarantine later, California Cocktail Club was born. When she's not photographing or writing about drinks, Laura writes and directs movies. When he's not creating or photographing drinks, John edits videos and makes documentaries.


Come again soon!

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