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Just Peachy: A Simple Drink in a Complicated World

Just Peachy is a version of a classic cobbler, a traditionally low ABV (less boozy) cocktail born during the 19th century, only to fall out of favor during Prohibition.

As we find ourselves in another dark era in history, on the precipice of economic ruin and crippling uncertainty, the combination of dry sherry, peach, and lime is strangely comforting. It's easy; effective. It doesn't overthink things, even if you are. The low ABV makes it perfect for an afternoon or a weeknight. It's low stress, at a time when you need it most.

According to, 'When things are peachy, they're wonderful. If you're unhappy, it's usually best to be honest about it, rather than pretending everything's peachy.'

'It's even more common today to use peachy in a sarcastic or ironic way.' In a reveal that will shock no one, that was our mindset when we created the Just Peachy.

Nothing is OK right now. Not by a long shot.

When quarantine started back in March, we spent many nights drinking cocktails during Zoom calls with family and friends. We felt like kids staying up late on a school night.

We were in denial.

One long, strange month later, drinking (and staying up late) lost its appeal. After all, what's the fun of a cocktail if you can't enjoy it with friends? The Zoom calls got less and less frequent as screen-induced headaches set in. Fatigue became the predominant feeling.

Now it's summer, and we're still here. Even things I once relied on for restoration and relaxation - movies and books - don't have the same appeal. After all, what's the point of restoration when nothing's changed?

Creativity is not a luxury, but a necessity. I understand that now more than ever. This was the year I planned on making my first feature-length film, and John a documentary. With those goals on pause, our creative energy is redirected at whatever's in our control. Desperation is the mother of innovation. My passion for writing, set design, and cinematography, John's love of photography and mixology, the collective storytelling in our blood - all of them live in California Cocktail Club. It was born, like most creative endeavors, in a dark place.

The Just Peachy is here to remind you that while things are strange, everything's going to be OK. We promise. Just follow whatever fuels you.

Join the Club to get the recipe for Just Peachy.

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