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What a Melon Cocktail

The drink when you can't think.

Unlike the long, suffocating, heat blanket known as August, I'll keep it short.

Gin is a lovely base spirit for cocktails - herbal, clean, and compatible with so many flavors - but if you've ever had one martini too many at a holiday party, then you understand why I haven't had gin since December. What a Melon is the cocktail that brought me back to gin.

Watermelon is a gift from the gods during the dripping, sweltering summer. I eat it solo on a hot, bright morning, or during a sticky, humid afternoon with feta and cilantro, or at night with mint, a cooling reward after the heat finally breaks. Like gin, it gets along well with so many beautiful, fresh, flavors. When you blend gin and fresh watermelon together, you get a stunning, energizing elixir. Our house-made rosemary syrup adds an earthy, savory sweetness, and fresh lime juice creates a nice, acidic bite. You don't need anything else.

What a Melon cuts through the heat-induced brain fog we all have right now. With fresh, re-hydrating watermelon, this won't punish you like a martini. Toss these ingredients in a blender and let this cocktail bring you back to life. It's too hot to do anything else.

Join the Club to get the recipe for What a Melon.

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